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Why Didn’t I Invent the Cell Phone?

Why didn’t I invent the cell phone?

That is a very good question and I’m glad you asked.

You are probably thinking this man who writes these insightful, powerful and creative posts surely is a genius and could create anything in the world.

Well, I humbly thank you for your compliment.

There is a logical answer to why I didn’t invent the cell phone.

Let me give you some background info first… Fifty-four years ago, when I was born, my family had one of those rotary phones, those amazing communication machines that took you 15 minutes to make a call. For those of you who are not familiar with the rotatory phone… you put your finger in the round circular slots, then turn the dial clockwise as far as it goes, then wait for the dial to return to the starting point. Then proceed to the next number. Invariably, you would mess up, usually towards the last digits of the phone number, then you would need to hang up the phone and start the process again. As long as it took to read that description, it took about ten times longer to complete a phone call.

Then, we advanced to a push button phone. No more of those finger circle workouts. Nope, but the phone was connected to the wall by a little cord. You were restricted by how far you could walk away with the phone in your hand.

I’m still getting to the question of why I didn’t invent the cell phone. Be patient.

The next advance seemed so futuristic and changed the calling experience FOREVER… cordless telephones. What freedom. I could now call someone without the eavesdropping of a curious parent.

You know what happened next, the skies opened wide and BAM, the cell phone.

And now for the answer to your question: Why didn’t I invent the cell phone?

The reason is quite simple… I never thought it was possible.

In fact, I thought every advancement along the way was IMPOSSIBLE!

Those limiting thoughts prevented me from making breakthroughs.

Imagine all the things you could achieve without limiting yourself by your beliefs:

  • You COULD play baseball in college

  • You COULD start a new business

  • You COULD write that children’s book you always thought about creating

  • You COULD buy that house you wanted

  • You COULD create that new innovation

  • You COULD run that marathon

  • You COULD make Nationals in your sport

I’m not merely saying think big… I’m saying act big. All advancements were not just dreams. You probably have thousands of dreams but, unless you act on those images, your images will remain wishful dreams. Acting big is a matter of trying, failing, changing, examining, trying again, adjusting, gaining feedback, trying again, falling flat on your face, getting up and trying again…

What could you do if you start thinking in possibility terms?

Turn your COULD into WILL by using your vast WILLPOWER. It is NOT impossible.

Now, get your ass in gear and start creating.


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