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What Me? A Warrior? No way!

Those conceived were designed to achieve. Simply stated, you were born to be successful.

So why are so many people living unfulfilled lives? What is holding us back from our birthright and potential?

Many of us have endured hardships and obstacles such as poverty, abuse, physical limitations, harsh upbringing, etc. Each is a valid and significant obstacle.

Yet many people have overcome similar, discouraging challenges to become successful, accomplished, and happy. If we can identify why some rise despite their challenges, we can follow their lead and vastly improve our future.

Christopher Peterson, one of the founders of Positive Psychology, has studied “what makes life most worth living.” Peterson suggests that some people are lifted to “greatness” because they focus on strengths instead of weaknesses and building the good in life instead of repairing the bad.

In essence, it’s our thoughts that guide our lives. We can choose thoughts that either drives us forward or hold us back.

Thoughts such as, “I don’t deserve that,” “I can’t do this,” “I will never be able to,” “I’m not as good as,” “I’m not talented,” or “My life is too hard” block us from who we were meant to be and what we are meant to achieve.

A negative perspective blocks us from seeing our potential. This point of view turns challenges into obstacles, obstacles into roadblocks, and roadblocks into immovable and insurmountable mountains. We are left feeling stuck, defeated, hopeless, and helpless.

However, challenges are not meant to stop us. Challenges are opportunities to grow into our potential. Even if we don’t overcome a challenge on the first or thirteenth attempt, we still have grown. We are better for the attempt.

When some people miss the mark, they feel worse off because they fell short of their objective. They feel like a failure. They feel the missed chance is a condemnation of who they are. STOP thinking such trash. You stepped forward and made an attempt. You overcame fear and took a risk. You overcame stagnation and challenged yourself. You should see yourself as a warrior.

I’m not trying to pump you up with some warm fuzzy shit. I understand life isn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Life can be freakin’ hard. Some of you were not born with the advantages of others. If that’s the case and you still boldly stepped forward, you are more incredible than I gave you credit. The odds were not in your favor, and you still went for it! That’s amazing!

  • You went for it even though you were financially disadvantaged.

  • You went for it even though your parents emotionally neglected or abused you.

  • You went for it even though you grew up in a single-parent home.

  • You went for it even though your spouse left you to marry your best friend.

  • You went for it even though people talked shit behind your back, made fun of you, and didn’t believe in you.

Damn, you’re a warrior!

Warriors are fighters. They face their circumstances head-on. Warriors still experience fear; after all, they are human. However, warriors say, “I’m going for it, no matter what I’m facing.” Even though a warrior may lose a battle, they regroup, reanalyze, adjust, adapt and attack again. They see the reward as greater than the risk.

You are worth it to take a risk. You are designed to succeed, to be fulfilled, and to be happy. You are more than a champion. You are a warrior. Don’t you dare forget it!


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