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The Resolution Solution

“Holy cow! Here we go again. New Years! Whoopty-Freakin’-Doo. Time to set another New Year’s resolution. Last year, I failed miserably, but this year is different… I’m going to stick to my resolution definitely, hopefully.”

Sound familiar?

If you are like most people, you probably fall off the New Year’s resolution wagon before you flip the calendar to February.

Why do we find such difficulty following through on our New Year’s resolutions? Why do New Year’s resolutions rarely work?

You already KNOW. You don’t need to read all those New Year’s resolution articles that tell you why they don’t work. (This awesome article should be the exception. I beg you to read on, pleeeaaassseee).

Maintaining momentum for 365 days is a daunting task for everyone. For example, think of the biggest challenge facing all living humans… You got it, going to the gym and giving up Kit Kats for a whole year! Who are we kidding? Kit Kats are amazing! I can barely give up Kit Kats for a week, let alone 12 months. 365 days of yummy abstinence is hell and they are sitting by the cash register begging to be eaten in practically every store. As rap legends Tag Team put it, “Whomp there it is!” Anyway, I’m just helping Kit Kats to fulfill their true destiny.

Instead of committing to cutting out sweets for 365 days, do it for 7.

Rather than committing to run every day for 365 days, set an exercise goal for the next 7 days.

When you chunk it down into smaller, more realistic goals, you set yourself up for success.

If you falter on your New Week’s Resolution, you will be able to get back up on the horse within a few days and try again. This enhances motivation, builds confidence, and fosters positive expectations.

Each week, you can renew your New Week’s resolution, add to it, or adjust it if necessary.

New Week’s Resolution Strategy

Set your weekly goal. “This Week I will… “

Create a 3-step plan:




Don’t complicate the matter. Keep it simple.

Week by week successes add up to big accomplishments and powerful changes.


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