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“I OBJECT!” Challenging Negative Self-Statements

“I suck! I always fall apart when it matters most in a game. I will never accomplish my goals. I should just quit.”

Have you ever uttered similar statements about yourself as an athlete? Have you ever gotten so down on yourself during a competition that you absolutely fell apart?

Negative self-statements aren’t just random words that pass through your mind. Negative self-statements are a condemnation on your abilities as an athlete. These negative self-statements are so persuasive that it is difficult to renounce their validity. These negative self-statements become directions or instructions that are carried out implicitly, often without question.

Negative self-statements are the culprits that disrupt consistency, causing you to fall short of your athletic potential.

What’s the solution to overcoming negative self-statements?

First you must become your own defense lawyer. You must object to the falsities you tell yourself. You can use the cue phrase “I object” as a strategy to stop those negative self-statements in their tracks.

Next, if you perform according to the statements you give yourself, by changing the instructions you give, your body will perform accordingly.

If you want different results, tell yourself exactly how want to perform in competition. Before you even step foot into the athletic arena, spend five minutes giving yourself positive directions and positive images detailing a successful athletic competition.

Words are powerful, so choose your words wisely!

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