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Letter to 2022

Welcome, 2022!

2021 has been quite a ride. Neither good nor bad. Just a year of experience and growth. I learned a lot about myself and life. So, thank you, 2021. But now, it’s time to move onward and forward. No time to look back. I have important things to do NOW!

This year, I will not be making a resolution. Committing to a year-long singular goal has never been my strong suit. Usually, I start with a bunch of vim and vigor, but my motivation slowly wanes, then BAM, a slip-up. I can forgive myself for a slip-up and get back on track most of the time. One minor lapse is no big deal. But, soon enough, one slip leads to another and another. After some time, I lose focus of my resolution and give up altogether. I have the best of intentions, but I lose momentum along the way and come to a screeching stop.

Long-term commitment to a singular resolution may not be the best strategy for me. In the past, after a slip-up, I would feel guilty that I didn’t exhibit self-control. I would feel like a failure, especially when I hear about the successes of others who achieved meaningful goals through steadfast effort and laser-focus. I don’t begrudge the success of others or question their strategies. It’s just that I am an individual who needs and wants to follow my process.

This year, I choose to switch gears and dump the resolution concept. Rather than a 365-day commitment, I am opting to focus on 365 one-day goals. I am better with committing to 24 hours rather than a mountainous 8,760 hours.

This way, if I slip up, no big deal. I have the opportunity to restart in less than 24 hours. I also have the freedom to switch it up a bit, adjust my plan, evaluate where I am going, understand my ‘why’ or change my mind and focus on a different direction when needed. The ultimate goal remains relatively unchanged. For me, it’s about growth.

This year, I choose to focus on one day at a time.

So I say, ‘Good Morning, Today. Let’s get started!’


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