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How to Prepare to Succeed

By failing to prepare, we prepare to fail. Too often, in life and sports, we get tossed around by the rough waters of adversity, not knowing what to do. We feel helpless, depressed, frustrated and out of control.

Underperforming and not achieving your goals has less to do with talent, ability and skill set than it does not having a well-defined plan or being fully prepared to succeed. A plan should include a goal, self-instructions regarding how to achieve your objective, potential obstacles and predetermined responses to obstacles.

Below is a script that you should seriously take time to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete. Preparation will boost confidence, eliminate some of the pitfalls you may face and, thus minimize anxiety that holds us back from our potential. Now let’s be realistic. Just because you have a plan does not mean you will skate through the season being without many unexpected bumps in the road that shake your confidence and sprout negative thoughts and fear of failure. You WILL experience these during your journey… That’s called being human. This script provides you with a positive focus that you can read every single day to remind yourself where you want to go, what you want to do and how you will do it.

So let’s start and get the momentum moving in a positive direction.

I, __________ , am setting in motion my plan for success. I define success by


The one word that best describes me as an athlete is __________ . My 2 greatest qualities as an athlete are

__________ and __________.

This season, I will accomplish _________________________________________ by the date of __________. I will

accomplish these goals by working on the following technical skills of __________, __________ and __________; the

physical skills of __________, __________ and __________; and the mental skills of _________ and __________ .

I understand that I might experience the following obstacles: __________, __________ and __________. When these

obstacles arise, I will stay positive and respond by doing __________, __________ and __________.

I am worth achieving my goals. I deserve to achieve my goals for the following reasons:


When I achieve my goals, I will celebrate by doing ____________________________________.

This is my plan. This is how I will succeed. By signing and dating this contract, I am committing myself towards

achieving my goals and reaching my potential.

Name : ______________________________ Date: ________________________

To conclude, I will leave you with the motivational words from the famous rappers, Fat Joe and Remy Ma, “Nothing can stop me. I’m all the way up!”

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