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Reject Stress… Expect Success

“My heart is pounding. I can’t do this anymore. I mess up every time, in every competition. Why do I even do this to myself? I train so hard but it doesn’t even matter. I’m such a _____ and there is nothing I can do. I let everyone down. I’m done with this shit!”

If you have said anything similar to this, pay attention:

  • When you expect to screw up, you will!

  • When you expect to lose, you will!

  • When you expect to fold under pressure, you will!

  • When you expect to get cut from the team, you will!

  • When you expect to fail, you will… EVERY TIME!

Expectations are strong beliefs that something will happen. Expectations are predictions for the future. Expectations are unstated self-directions that become self-fulfilling prophecies.

When YOU expect negative outcomes, YOU create immense stress making it nearly impossible to perform your best. The reason YOU was emphasized, is that YOU do this to yourself. Before you start feeling all bad and having a pity party, you need to realize that if YOU created, YOU can change it!

Re-read that last sentence because it is very important and empowering… IF YOU ARE THE SOURCE OF YOUR ATHLETIC OUTCOMES, then YOU can create different, more positive outcomes by changing what you expect or the mental directions you give yourself. That is the greatest news.

Your expectations no longer need to hold you back:

  • By changing your expectations, you can change your stress levels.

  • By changing your expectations, you will not be devastated by mistakes and will be able to bounce back more quickly.

  • By changing your expectations, you will achieve more in your sport.

  • By changing your expectations, you will alleviate that sense of overwhelming pressure and be able to focus better during competitions.

  • By changing your expectations, failure will no longer dominate your mind.

With positive expectations, your beliefs will prophesize athletic success rather than competitive disaster and your thoughts will be self-enhancing rather than self-defeating…

“My heart is pounding. I can do this. I might make a mistake, but I will bounce back. I love competing; this is why I do this. I train so hard and I’m totally prepared. I’m a competitor and nothing will hold me back. I will show everyone. I got this shit!”

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