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The Power of Inaction

Hey, check out this weird convo I had with myself. Possibly, you have had a similar conversation and can relate. This kind of self-talk is the biggest obstacle that interferes with your ability to accomplish your goals.

Me: “I can’t believe I haven’t sold one copy of my book. All I ever wanted for years was to write a book and no one has bought it. Not even one copy. Zero!”

Other Me: “If you want, I can read it and maybe suggest some edits or brainstorm how to market your book.”

Me: “Oh, I haven’t written it yet.”

Other Me: “Huh?

Me: “Maybe tomorrow. I have so much to do today and I am too tired to start. Anyway, I’m not good at writing and no one would probably read it.”

If you want to be stopped in your tracks and miss out on something great, listen to that inner voice that screams, “YOU CAN’T!”

You will never get where you want to go if you are not willing to move from where you are.

Think about it. Enough said!


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