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I know for sure that I am a fortune teller. Not like, send me $200 and I will tell you that the person of your dreams is waiting for you around the corner… Or that you will be hired as a freelance remote mattress tester and will receive $1000 a day for lying in bed for eight hours.

Nope, I mean I am actually a real fortune teller… sort of.

Basically, we all are fortune tellers. Now don’t go applying for certification in Association of United Worldwide Fortune Tellers, the fees are high, there are no membership benefits and it doesn’t exist.

What I mean is that all of us, every minute of every day, make predictions about our immediate future that we often live out in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

An athlete may tell themselves, “I am so excited for this game. I’ve been playing so well. I hit three singles off the pitcher last game.”

Or a professional speaker may internally say, “The material for this speech is spot on. I really know my stuff and am totally prepared to make an impact today.”

Fortune tellers, like the two previous examples, make those thoughts a reality. Even if a few glitches occur, these types of fortune tellers can navigate those bumps in the road and still achieve the same outcome as predicted.

Now, the flip side is also true. Fortune tellers, or more aptly Misfortune tellers, also reap what they sow. If you think you are about to run into a shit storm, the little weatherman inside will guide you into a ferocious shit tsunami just like you predicted.

Whether you believe fortune or misfortune is on your way, you will talk yourself into that outcome.

Now for a dose of reality because I am not a warm, fuzzy huggy type of guy that only sees butterflies, rainbows and unicorns… Just because you have told yourself that you will knock it out of the park doesn’t mean every circumstance will fall perfectly in line.

You may discover that your favorite bat has a crack, the weather is cold and the umpire has an inconsistent strike zone...

Or traffic is slow the morning of your speech and the stage is not optimally set up to your liking.

Things will happen, oh well, that’s life. You don’t need nor should you expect every little detail to fall exactly in place.

It is easier to get the result you desire by grabbing hold of positive self-directed messages.

Think of those self-messages like fortune cookies, break open the cookies until you find the right message that helps you achieve your objective.

So, from one teller to another, I wish you the best fortune each and every day.


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