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GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! The Power of Setting Goals

Goal Setting sends a powerful message to your brain and provides a clear target to shoot for.

Imagine if you were playing soccer on a field with no goals… How would a winner be determined? What would be the reason for playing in the first place? If there were no nets in soccer, we wouldn’t get to experience an announcer exclaim the word “GGGGOOOOAAAALLLL” for five minutes consecutively without even taken a breath. I don’t know about you but, without that celebratory exclamation, it would definitely “SSSSSTTTTIIIIIIINNNNNKKKKKK!”

In soccer, each game has a clear objective, a game plan, a time limit guided by a set of well-defined written rules and regulations. During half-time, if your team’s game plan is working, then your team stays the course continuing to play according to the plan. If your team is losing, you can take the feedback from the first half and make adjustments to get back on track in order to successfully achieve your objective… And no matter what side you are on, you keep pushing forward and shooting towards that goal.

If you want to enjoy a successful athletic career, you need a goal to shoot for. That goal should be well-defined, written down, with an end date in mind. Your goal should be accompanied by a game plan with specific strategies that you can use to bring you closer to your objective. As you move forward, you need to gather up feedback and make the necessary adjustments to help you accomplish your goal. You need to stay motivated, move forward with your goal in mind and find a way over every obstacle that comes your way.

Goals inspire athletes to act and when you act in accordance to your goals, you increase the chances of achieving your objective exponentially.

You can’t score without a goal… Is that the path you really want to head down?

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