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Got Confidence? NOPE!

Every athlete is searching for a boost in confidence to help them perform at a high level. Without writing some theoretical dissertation on something you know you need, let me go right into an effective strategy for building confidence.

The Highlight Reel:

When you think about your successes, you are more confident than recall your shortcomings and mistakes. This exercise is designed to keep your focus on your strengths and successes, the building blocks of confidence.

Each day, ESPN replays “The Top Plays” of the day in sports. This segment wow viewers with images of athletes making diving one-handed catches for touchdowns, crashing into walls to rob hitters of homeruns, pulling off upset victories, miraculous saves to prevent goals, etc.

The reality is that every athlete has athletic successes, from the 5 year-old Tee-Ball player to the 65 year-old Masters triathlete. No matter what you think at this moment, you career is also filled with athletic successes. (This truth is not up for debate!)

In this exercise, write down in a notebook, in detail, your “Top 10 Highlights”. It can be learning a new skill, a come-from-behind victory, hanging in against a top opponent, beating a rival, an amazing play or routine, etc.

Spend 15 minutes daily, re-living these experiences in your mind. Fully immerse yourself in imaging these events.

For an added dose of confidence, bring your highlight notebook with you and read it before each practice and competition.

So, in regards to confidence… IF YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME!

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